Amazon DynamoDB cost explorer

Are you running Amazon DynamoDB in production? If so, does any of the below questions bother you?

  • Do you feel DynamoDB is too expensive?
  • Do you feel you'd over-provisioned your tables?
  • Are you worried about provisioned throughput exceeded or throttling errors for your customers?
  • Are you worried about sudden traffic waking you up in the middle of the night?
  • Do you feel you are paying too much while your traffic follows a predictable daily or weekly pattern?

If so, you should check out DynamoDB cost explorer.

Today, we are excited to launch a simple DynamoDB cost explorer. Neptune's DynamoDB cost explorer analyzes your account usage, shows your current AWS costs, extracts key metrics including savings from autoscaling your DynamoDB tables and compares them to how everyone else is using DynamoDB.

How it works?

It's simple. Just enter your read only AWS access key and secret key and hit submit. Neptune generates the report for you in a few seconds!

If you've any questions on how we estimate costs and savings, check out our FAQ here.

Wrapping up

Did you expect any of these results? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. We’d be happy to share more cool stats.

And of course, if you’re wondering if you’re an DynamoDB power user or not, try giving your DynamoDB account a quick checkup!

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